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Overcoming Stress!

We live in a busy and constantly changing world which has led to increasing levels of stress for most people. No matter how much we would like to slow down the world and reduce our stress we usually don’t have the power to change many of those external stressors. We also often willingly create substantial […]

The Secret to Motivation: Do I have to feel motivated before I start?

How often have we said to ourselves, “when I am motivated I will….”, “If I was just more motivated then I would……”! Unfortunately if we wait until we are motivated before we do anything we may we waiting a long time! We often say a similar thing about confidence, “If I was more confident then […]

How much energy do you put into your relationships?

When we are at the final stages of our life and reflect back what do we identify as the most important things in our life? Was it that new car we got at 22, the promotion at 35, the house we saved for with great storage space? Not usually! Most people reflect and remember the […]