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We live in a busy and constantly changing world which has led to increasing levels of stress for most people. No matter how much we would like to slow down the world and reduce our stress we usually don’t have the power to change many of those external stressors.

We also often willingly create substantial stress for ourselves because of the goals and achievements we strive for, or the values we live by. But we know that stress can impact our physical and mental well being and can hinder our ability to cope well or to perform at our optimum levels.

So how do we stay mentally fit in a frantic world?

How do we become psychologically resilient?

The following 3 simple questions form the basis of psychological flexibility or resiliency, and mindful and values-based living. Understanding these questions and beginning to act on them regularly can transform our lives and our ability to cope more effectively with stress and life in general.

1. Am I present? (am I paying attention and off autopilot?)
2. Am I open? (am I aware and open to my thoughts and feelings?)
3. Am I doing what matter? (am I aware of my values and acting on them?)

If being resilient and flexible in a stressful world is important to you engaging in counselling with a psychologist may help you develop these skills so you can thrive in our frantic world.

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