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Insomnia Psychologist Gold Coast

Having sufficient sleep is an important factor in our health and mental well-being. Not sleeping well can contribute to mood swings, becoming irritated and having a very low frustration tolerance, not coping well, impaired concentration, memory problems, and other health problems. If sleep deprivation persists it can develop into a more serious condition of insomnia. Insomnia can affect your relationships, your performance at work, and emotional stability.

Development Of Insomnia

Sleep issues can develop due to a number of reasons including unhelpful habits and patterns, stress and anxiety, or some health issues. Insomnia often occurs when we are stressed about things in our personal lives. This is usually just a short-term problem that typically resolves itself within a few days. If, however, it persists it may be helpful to address it early before it becomes an ingrained habit.

man suffering from insomnia needing psychologist gold coast help

Treating Insomnia

Understanding why sleep is important, how insomnia affects our brain and emotions, and learning good sleep hygiene and patterns, these will contribute to long-term health well-being. Identifying, understanding and resolving some of the underlying causes of the stress and worry can make significant positive changes. Developing techniques for falling asleep and staying asleep is important and can include relaxation and breathing strategies, mindfulness, quietening that racing mind, and sometimes resolving old issues we are holding onto.

LB Psychologists Helping Gold Coast Insomnia Sufferers

At LB Psychologists our experienced psychologists will help you clarify and understand the issues that are impacting on your sleep and help you learn the skills and strategies that will work for you. By working through the triggers for insomnia, mentioned above, and help you with develop sleep habits and resolve issues surrounding sleep, we can help you overcome insomnia.