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Self-esteem and Building Confidence

How we feel and think about ourselves effects how we behave. If we get in a pattern of thinking in a negative way, especially about ourselves, it can have a huge impact on our well-being.

Many people at different points in their life experience low self-esteem and confidence. Adolescence is a particularly vulnerable time when we can form negative opinions of ourselves or sometimes situations or events that life throws at us erode our confidence and we can struggle to get it back.

A lack of confidence can contribute to us avoiding many situations or missing out on great opportunities. Most of us are good at setting goals, making a great plan, but then nothing happens or changes. This can then confirm the negative beliefs that become barriers for us.

self esteem is damaged by critical inner voice
Counselling with a psychologist can help you understand the critical self-talk

What Helps Build Self Esteem?

Counselling with a psychologist can help you understand the critical self-talk that may be eroding your confidence and self-esteem, it can identify the barriers that get in the way of following through on your plans, and help to develop real feelings of self-worth. Feeling confident opens up options and choices for you and this will empowers you to feel in charge of life again.

Understanding that we can’t wait to feel confident before we act differently, it is more helpful to learn how to act and behave in ways that fit with our values and what is important to us, even when we are feeling uncertain. When we can do that confidence and a healthy self-esteem then grows.

So if you would like to overcome the barriers that are holding you back and become more confident about yourself please call and speak to one of our psychologists.