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How often have we said to ourselves, “when I am motivated I will….”, “If I was just more motivated then I would……”!

Unfortunately if we wait until we are motivated before we do anything we may we waiting a long time!

We often say a similar thing about confidence, “If I was more confident then I could/would/try…etc”.

This is based on the assumption that before we do something we have to feel like it and this thinking gives us a good reason to keep putting things off or taking that first step.

However, the way to make change is accepting that often we have to do the behaviour first and often the feeling will catch up. It is only when we do an action even though we are scared or anxious that we develop confidence and then may feel more motivated to continue.

Identifying your values can help you to focus on what is important to you in life and what actions reflect those values. Goals focus on the outcome, while values focus on how we act while working towards them.

So don’t let a lack of motivation stop you, start living in a way that reflects what is important to you, and you may find the motivation and confidence catches up!


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