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Is Anger a problem for you?

Anger is a normal emotion but for many people how they experience anger and how they express it can become a problem. Anger is an emotion that can range from mild annoyance to intense rage. It is a feeling that is accompanied by biological changes in your body. When you get angry, your heart rate […]

Relationship Tip #4 – Avoid the 4 Horsemen

Dr. John Gottman uses the metaphor of the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse to describe communication styles that can predict the end of a relationship. Criticism – When we criticize we tend to attack our partner and put them down. Learn how to communicate a complaint in a more helpful way so it can be […]

Relationship Tip #3 – Repairing and Exiting Arguments

All couples will probably argue at some time but happy couples know how to exit the argument before it gets completely out of control and too much damage is done or they try to repair the situation quickly. If an argument is getting too heated, it’s Ok to take a 20 min break. Acknowledge you […]

Relationship Tip #2: Soften your “start up”

Raise issues “softly”. Discussions invariably end on the same note they begin with. If you start harshly by attacking or criticising your partner verbally it will usually escalate and make the conflict bigger. They will instantly be in ‘fight or flight ‘ mode. It’s ok in a relationship to have complaints but how do we […]

Relationship Tips

We can become very complacent at times in our relationships and before we know it the atmosphere has become ‘cloudy’ or negative. Here are some tips that can help keep a rich climate of positivity in our relationships that predicts happiness and contentment. Each week a new tip to put into practice or to experiment […]